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Our founders

Anugrah Gideon, Co-founder, Audioz



A guitarist par excellence, Anugrah has been part of the indie music scene for a long time. Having a keen ear and great sense of sound he started his career in mixing and mastering 12 years back. He is also an accomplished composer and has composed and produced background music for podcasts and movies. Anugrah leads the delivery and creative team.

Gaurav Panakel, Co-founder, Audioz



An avid traveler and wildlife enthusiast, Gaurav is a management graduate with nearly 20 years of business experience, across varied sectors like investment banking, research, and consumer insights. In his last role as Associate Director at Nielsen, he led marketing and customer service experience efforts across multiple regions. At Audioz, Gaurav is responsible for marketing and enhanced customer experience. 

About Us

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic bunch of musicians, voice artists, sound engineers and business managers with the sole objective of providing the industry leading podcast production services like mixing, mastering, editing and background music. We believe that podcasters should spend more time creating content and less time on editing it. We are headquartered in the National Capital Region of India with our team members spread across the country. Being in India gives us unprecedented access to talent and allows us to offer the best value across the industry.


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